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Property Managers: Donna Britten  and  Kelly Sessions

Here at New Spring Property Management in Kelso, Washington; We KNOW what it is like to be an Owner.  We manage over 500 properties. Several of our rental units are owned by the company, so we take care of your property just like it was our own. 
Whether you are a local owner who is tired of dealing with the day to day landlord responsibilities and want to kick back and collect a check, or you just don't have the time to devote to your investment, or if you are an Out of Town Owner who can't be there for the upkeep of your investment, we want to be there for you to keep costs and repairs to a minimum and maximize your return. 
As a Full Service Property Management Company we offer a variety of services to our Owners.
Screening and Approving Rental Applicants
Signing of Contracts and Issuing of Notices
Helping you decide on a rent based on Market Values
In-House Maintenance Dept with an On-Call After Hours person.
Bill Paying; Utilities, Mortgages, Insurance, etc.
Detailed statements monthly to track your income and expenses.
Bi-Annual Interior Inspections at no cost to the Owner.
We do a monthly drive by the property to check the exterior condition.
We do our best to use local contractors and businesses to keep over-head down and get the most prompt service we can.
We use the most cutting edge marketing tools at our disposal and keep any advertising costs to a minimum.
 Upon signing of the contract we immediately begin marketing online and getting exposure for your rental property.

Showings and feedback are tracked to help with getting your unit rented as fast as possible to the best possible applicant.
 We advertise on:

Zillow, HotPads, ZumperTrulia

Frontdoor, Zillow Mobile, HotPads Mobile

Craigslist.com and Craigslist Mobile 
Facebook, Rental and Classified groups on Facebook, as well as our New Spring Property Management Page
Our website www.NewSpringEquities.com

 Our Management and Rental Contracts are professionally written and reviewed by an attorney to best protect the interest of all involved.  For example, Renters are required to sign off that they will carry Renter's Insurance, this not only protects the tenants should something unforseen happen, it also protects the Owner, as the tenant was aware of their responsibility.   Keeping Current with all the Local, County, State, and Federal Laws and Guidelines set forth, protecting you, the Owner in compliance and minimizing risk. 
 We collect and process all rents from the tenants.  Rents are due the 1st of the month and are considered late after 5pm on the 5th.  We strictly enforce on-time payments, follow up with 14 day notices to pay, and collect any late fees accrued and split them with the owner. If a tenant has an NSF check, we also will no longer accept personal checks from the tenant, they will have to pay with certified funds; money orders or cashiers checks. 
 Screening Process:
 We screen all applicants for: Credit History (payment history), Criminal History, National Eviction Search (No Evictions), Current Rental History, Employment History and proof of income.  If the property is a Pet-friendly property, we require a in person Meet and Greet with the animals to verify breed and size to ensure the animals fall into our allowed breeds and sizes. 
 Security Deposits are held in a Non-Interest Bearing Trust Account in accordance with Washington State Licensing Law. Security Deposit amounts are set by the owner.
 Owners do not have to allow Pets/Animals in their properties except in cases of a documented Service Animal in accordance with the ADA and HUD Housing Standards, if proper documentation is supplied by the applicant.  If an Owner does allow animals, our standard company policy is 1-2 animals per unit, under 20lbs.  An Owner can decide to allow larger animals for a higher Pet Fee.  We charge a Non-Refundable Pet Fee of $500 and pet rent of $50.00 per month. However as a company we do have breed restrictions. We will not allow the first 5 breeds, pure bred or mixed breed at a minimum, and at the company's discretion may not allow other breeds based on behavior and/or pet references.  
 At the time of move-in, tenants have a 3- 6 month interior inspection scheduled.  We then do  interior inspection every 12 to 18 months.  If the interior condition is not satisfactory a letter is drafted to the tenants identifying the issues and giving them a specific time frame to correct the issue(s) and a follow up inspection is scheduled in 10 days.  If at any time management deems it necessary to do an interior inspection one will also be performed.  There is no charge to the owner for these services. 
 New Spring has their own in-house maintenance department.  We can handle most all repairs in-house unless it is not allowed by State Law, ( Major Plumbing or Electrical Issues) or unless it specifically requires a professional; an Arborist, a Roofer, or other specific or specialty contractor. 
Our In-House Crew can handle all the day to day issues that arise with rental properties freeing up your time. We are proud to be able to offer quality work for our owners at a lower rate.  This allows maintenance to be handled swiftly and correctly.  
Our goal is to provide the tenant with a quality home to live in while keeping our owners expenses at a minimum and under budget. 
Tenants are provided with Emergency Numbers for 24 hour Issues.  
Owners can set their repair limit for us to handle without having to call them, our standard number is $250.00, however that too is at the Owners discretion.  Some Owners like to fix all their own issues, Some just want a phone call heads up, and some just want us to handle the issues.  Our goal is to provide personalized service to our Owners and give them reliable information regarding maintenance issues.
We communicate issues to owners in a variety of methods, Email, Phone, Text, Mail, Facebook, whatever method is most convenient to the owner. 
Management Fees:
 Ok, so I'm sure by now you're wondering " What does this service cost me?"  Management fees are negotiated depending on the level of service you require as well as the number of units we manage for you.  But we strive to be below market and are competitive with the other property managers in the area. We do not charge for Set up fees,  inspection fees, or contract renewal fees.  There are no hidden monthly charges, only the negotiated management fee and any maintenance costs accrued during the month.  We strive to have our owners paid by the 10th of the month, unless it is a weekend and then it will be the Monday following the 10th. 
Bill Paying Services:
Mortgage Payments
 Utility Bills
 Insurance Payments
 Vendor Bills
 Deposit your check directly to your account
 We also are open to other requests!! 
This special is for new managment contracts only. 
New Spring Property Management
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